WINTER is apparently a less interesting season to be in the country side... we mostly dream about flying in a sunny beach or going in a sky place...
Trekking in the wonderful scenary of the winter nature and then... close your eyes and relax ... think about a cozi and warm house, the music of the crackling of the fire, with some good tuscan food and a good local wine glass in your hand and your love in the other hand ... it doesn't really attract you???
Think about how nice it is to stay together with your family, with your children, your friends, with your love, in a beautiful and authentic place in the name of the good life, discovering again the old and simple way of enterteinement...
going back to the past time...
Cooperating with l'Azienda Agrituristico Venatoria di Baciano, our neighbours, you could even train your dog "with the shoot" or join them for the hunting session.


Località Il Pozzo 31/B,
Capolona 52010

P: +39 338 7401265