Small Single House Basilico - sleeps 3/4

It is the only one small single house, on 1 floor, of "Il Pozzo" and it is located between the swimmingpool and the biggest house. Here, the romance for couples in love is not missing! Coming in this house from the large door at the entrance you will see the livingroom with lilac walls and unrivaled details: the big stone fireplace made also with brick and wooden beam, a special furniture from the 40's from my paternal grand parents house (an emotional treasure for us), the high ceiling with light wooden beams in contrast with the bricks of the floor, the big kitchen (the only one with an electric oven) 2 stone steps invite you to the sleeping area, the bathroom in white tiles lightned by the orange of the walls and the ceiling and the double bedroom (perfect for small families) in the special color "acquamarina"...a color wich is really nice with the light wood! And the surprise in this room is: the top of the bed have been created by my mother from an old blu door, discovered during our research of material and furnitures!! An outside corridor is the separation between this house and the "house of the olive oil" where every year our special extravergin olive oil is done. In this fresh corridor you will find an outdoor private area for BASILICO...and so enjoy it...with the only problem to solve:
where to have the view? swimmingpool or "Il Pozzo" green parc??...try both!
*AROMATIC ANNUAL HERB, especially used in the Tuscan kitchen is the BASILICO GENOVESE, for: For seasoning fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes, for a good tomatoes sauce, zucchini, fish, ...


Località Il Pozzo 31/B,
Capolona 52010

P: +39 338 7401265