Apartment Menta - 1 bedroom, sleeps 2/3

There are aren’t any steps to this entrance, so you can walk straight onto the first floor of the ‘casolare’ cottage, being the largest, and is on the boarder of the neighbouring wood. The position and atmosphere lends itself very well to those long winter evenings. On this floor there is a stone fireplace with original features and in front of it a sofa bed, where you can enjoy the open fireplace during the cooler seasons. The warmth of the décor coupled with original pieces of furniture, sourced to compliment the style, together create the perfect atmosphere. Just three steps up, you enter the double bedroom which has many interesting and original features, in fact whilst renovating we found an old washroom/washbasin or rather what the peasantry of the times would use as a wash area. They would cameup here from the connecting stables from the ground floor. People who were born in the village from the area during the early 1900’s have no recollection of this feature, which probably means the closure of this wash area dates back to previous decades. The view from the bedroom and from the bed is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, as with all the apartments they are surrounded by both lawns and the valley. Here however is more favourable as it is the closest. There is a bright en-suite bathroom, which is very spacious in a lovely green colour. The size is perfect for a couple or a small family; in fact both the bedroom and bathroom are ample in size. The landing at the entrance is enhanced by a pergola of Vines (Vitaceae), where there is a secluded outside dining area, which is shared by the MALVA apartment. A few meters from the entrance there is an outside area only for this apartment and only at this apartment, which has been made private by a curtain of woodland plants making it very romantic indeed!
*PERENIAL HERB with a strong aroma. There are many types of the Mint plant, each one with its own specific use. Generally it is used in cakes, in ice-creams, chocolate, herbal teas and also very refreshing in cocktails…..


Località Il Pozzo 31/B,
Capolona 52010

E: info@agripozzo.it
P: +39 338 7401265