Apartment Nippetella - 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4

This apartment is found by going up to the second floor of the big house, it is found next to MELISSA. It has its own patio in complete privacy in the woods which is solely reserved for this apartment, with an open view over the Valley and the large park of ‘Il Pozzo’. A few meters away from the entrance of the stone terrace with a pergola of vines, there is a table and chairs to enjoy social occasions, the warm temperature and the surrounding countryside and Nature. At the entrance where the fireplace is the master of the living area, and has colour tones of cream and finishing in a bordeaux colour. The sofa which originates from the 50’s was a very welcomed gift from our dear friends, to whom we are very grateful! There are many interesting furnishing details where recycled materials were used during their restoration, the rest I will leave to your imagination and as a surprise for when you arrive! To the right there is a cooking area designed by my Father, it was customized for this room and is cleverly hidden away. This means the cooking hob and sink are tucked away when one wants to enjoy the atmosphere of a lounge. The dining table which dates back to the early 1900’s was bought whilst visiting many antique fairs over the years in constant in search for the right one. The double bedroom is decorated in a bordeaux colour, it has a four poster bed and furnishings from the late 1800’s, and to the left of the fireplace is the en-suite bathroom, which is in a bright peach colour. The bathroom itself is within what are the remains of the X11 century military tower, which was used as a lookout point and was connected across the Valley to the Ottoman tower in the village of Subbiano (on the other side of the river Arno) they worked together as look out points to safe keep and control the valley. To the right is the other bathroom for use by the other bedroom, the wash room is in briar root typically from the 50’s, which my maternal Grandmother had kept in perfect condition from all those years ago.
In the twin room there is another part of our family history, my Mother’s uncle who was an iron smith made the twin beds during the 70’s for my brothers, and the single bed covers were made by my Mother, a tested seamstress!
*Aretine/Tuscan explanation for NEPITELLA, (Catmint) SPONTANEOUS AND PERRENIAL AROMATIC HERB from the mint family, also called MENTUCCIA, used in our traditional cooking for dishes with mushrooms.


Località Il Pozzo 31/B,
Capolona 52010

E: info@agripozzo.it
P: +39 338 7401265