Apartment Verbena - 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4

In this apartment you feel that you have been taken back in time to another century as each room is a discovery! This has the best entrance as you can arrive directly to it with your car right in front of the apartment (for all the apartments there is a large car park just 150m away). It has a small garden with a splendid secular olive tree, which is very precious, and overlooks the view of the olive grove around the swimming pool. As you enter, there is the living area, the wall to the right is completely in stone and shows the historic aspect of the room. My mother and I have enhanced this by hanging some historical paintings that are within keeping to a true Tuscan country house. The stately fireplace, with its irregular shape is similar to a pediment, together with the table and chairs from the 1800’s and the church bench from the early 1900’s were found in an historic family home in the centre of Arezzo. We could not be without our own personal heirlooms such as my Grandfather’s old radio, which dominates the living area window where the dinner service from the kitchenette is kept. The double bedroom is very cosy and has been rendered very special, not only by the antique dresser and trunk which was restored by my Grandfather; the area is complimented with a sitting area, a desk, a comfortable armchair and a splendid view over the hamlet. Whereas the other bedroom breaths an atmosphere from the 50’s with the bed, wardrobe and bedside tables together as a set originating from the same period and were hand made locally. The bathroom has a delicate peach colour and would seem to always have the light on thanks to its wonderful brightness.
*PERRENIAL HERB with countless species Mainly used for digestive tea infusions, but also noted for its uses as an aphrodisiac.


Località Il Pozzo 31/B,
Capolona 52010

E: info@agripozzo.it
P: +39 338 7401265